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Custom Shirts

As one of the largest custom shirtmakers in the United States, Tony The Tailor has two ways to enjoy Custom Shirts: Signature Custom Shirts & Robert Talbott Bespoke Shirts

Custom Shirts

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We start by taking over 25 measurements (5 on the collar alone!) then cut a unique pattern just for you. We’re one of just a handful of custom shirtmakers in the world that still takes this critical step. Then we hand cut every part of your shirt using a blade, not scissors, for greater precision.
Our collars and cuffs are hand-crafted to give you the perfect, premium tailored look and feel. We use only the finest ocean pearl buttons, a distinctive feature of the world’s finest shirts. 21 stitches per inch single needle construction provides a stronger seam compared to shirts from other "custom shirts" that are made on automated equipment that use only 12 to 14.
  • Complimentary Monogramming
  • 4 mm Buttons reinforced by cross-stitching by hand
  • Hand cut, Hand turned Collars with Matching Points
  • Perfect pattern matching
  • Sleeve length is fitted to the 1/4” and each arm length is measured separately
  • Over 25 Collar Styles (5 measurements taken for a perfect fit)
  • Over 25 Cuff Styles
  • Various Front & Back Styles available
  • Various Pocket Shapes
  • Inlays & Accents available
Regular Prices:
$175.00 to $695.00
Prices slightly higher for oversize (48+ Finished Chest) and specialty detailings.