Hickey Freeman

Trunk Show Thursday, October 3rd

Master-Tailor Anthony Paranzino's knowledge of how fine hand-tailored clothing is made, understanding its start to finish assembly process, his fitting skills, fabric expertise, taste level and dedication to every client is why Tony The Tailor the premier place in the country to buy Hickey-Freeman and is only one of a handful of stores to stock the Bespoke make.

In addition, at Tony the Tailor, every off-the-rack Hickey-Freeman garment includes hand-finished alterations and functional sleeve buttonholes. Our made-to-measure Hickey-Freeman garments have all the bells and whistles included that other store's charge you for: special linings, functional sleeve buttonholes, oversize, special details, etc.

Tony The Tailor also works closely with some of Europe's best fabric houses, including Scabal and Dormeuil to offer you a carefully chosen selection of the finest cashmeres, wools, silks, and linens. Add your own individual touch with a special selection of custom linings and buttons for the ultimate personalized Bespoke Hickey-Freeman. 

Hickey Freeman at Tony The Tailor in Charleston, WV

A 75% Non-Refundable deposit is required at time of order