Aethics CBD iV Recover Drink

Aethics CBD iV Recover Drink

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iV Recover with CBD hemp oil is a great item for a night out and the morning after. Don't let a long night slow down your day. iV Recover is packed with 25mg of pure CBD Hemp and caffeine. This CBD drink is sugar-free, low-calorie and gluten-free. Let us help you bounce back when you had a little too much the night before.

iV Recover with CBD Hemp Oil is a recovery drink that provides the body nutritional support. It's formula packs a punch of a natural vitamin blend, nutrients, and minerals.

Product DNA

  • 25mg of pure isolate hemp-derived CBD
  • Fruit berry flavored
  • Fast-Acting
  • No crash
  • D-Ribose
  • Vitamin B blend
  • Caffeine
  • Sugarfree
  • 0 Calories
  • 2.5 ounces