Emanuel Berg Shirtings

Emanuel Berg Bespoke Shirtings
In the late 1980s, Jaroslaw Berg-Szychulda founded Emanuel Berg, a European fine shirt maker, with the idea that he and his wife could personally manage and design the collection each year based on their passion for design, travel, and European manufacturing. For 30 years now, that’s just what they have done.

Making a quality shirt, let alone a quality made-to-measure shirt is no easy task. It requires access to the very best fabrics, experienced craftsmen and women, and discipline to focus on the details. This is an updated shirt with more than 500 shirt samples to pick from and more collar and cuff combinations than we’ve ever offered, so whether you are reloading on some dress white shirt or looking for something sportier, you’ll have plenty of options. We are pleased to bring Emanuel Berg to the shop and with them their family owned and managed company, focused on the selection of the finest Italian fabrics and quality European manufacturing.
Starting at $298.00